What we're about and how to join

Team Ohio is a loosely connected group of runners from Northeast Ohio who share the primary goal of competing as a team in road, track, and cross country events, especially USATF sanctioned events.  We do NOT have a primary sponsorship which allows all the runners who are part of our group to join without fear of offending  any other local or national sponsors they may have.  For example you may work at a local running shoe store and get help from Brooks and that is fine.  You would only wear the Team Ohio gear when at a national event, and wear your other gear the rest of the season.

Discussions of adding more structure, fundraising, and sponsoring some running events have occurred are are penned in for 2013.

Currently only men's open and men's masters teams exist, but 2013 looks to add at least women's open if not more.

To join/be part of Team Ohio simply email Fred Kieser at fkieser@yahoo.com

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